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Selling Agricultural


Sage Real Estate aims to successfully assist you in the stress-free selling of your Okanagan property for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time.

Agricultural: Our agricultural real estate agents understand when it comes to acreages and orchards that property location, size, fencing, crop type and variety, yield, well production, irrigation licence, soil, proximity to town, equipment and many more items all require individual weighing when deciding upon market price. Our agents have the experience necessary to properly understand and market these Okanagan properties.

We have a six step procedure to help us facilitate the mutual goal of having a timely and equitable sale. These six procedural steps allow us to share our experiences, outline party expectations, increase property salability, create a marketing strategy, ready offer negotiations & closing and determine a marketing value. As each step is addressed, openly discussed, recorded and completed in turn, we’ll have then together laid the foundations necessary to create a stress-free and successful property sale. We protect your interests the entire way.

Services we’re willing to offer when marketing your agricultural property:

  • Professional property photography
  • Our 3-way property marketing program
  • Communication to our personal networks
  • Complete list of your property’s showings
  • Feedback on your property’s showings
  • Review & presentation of all Sale documents

Contact us today to meet and let’s go over a few steps together.

Here’s a brief outline of our 6 steps. We’ll delve into greater detail when we meet in person.

Step 1: Experiences

  • What you’ve encountered when selling property
  • What we’ve encountered when selling property

Step 2: Outline of Party Expectations

  • What you’re expecting from your real estate agent
  • What we’re expecting from our real estate client

Step 3: Property Salability

  • Your ideas to increase the property’s salability
  • Our ideas to increase the property’s salability

Step 4: Marketing Strategy

  • Your ideas on marketing the property
  • How we are able to market your property

Step 5: Craft Offer Negotiations/Prepare for Closing

  • Have a plan ready for when the offers are received
  • Lender payout, deficiencies, conveyance, moving, etc

Step 6: Market Value

  • Your pricing thoughts
  • Market Comparison Data