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Purchasing Residential


Residential: Our residential real estate agents are aware that a desirable neighbourhood, building design, view, quality of maintenance, out-buildings, parking, shopping, transit, proximity to schools, etc. are all important features for buyers. Our residential real estate agents work together with you and help weigh these individual items. In addition to the aforementioned items, our professional agents also research other less obvious items. The most important of these items is the exploration of important legal information as it pertains to any registered leans, easements, property restrictions, grow-op history, environmental issues and unauthorized/nonconforming additions or uses. Realistically, what’s the use in buying your perfect property with a “pool sized yard”, if it’s illegal or unsafe to install the pool? This is an example of what cannot be overlooked. It is also an example of how we earn or keep.

As you can see, buying property has its intricacies, and rest assured that we'll find you more than just the right number of bedrooms. Our real estate agents aim to find exactly what you've outlined and our services help provide you the information you’ll need to better make informed decisions when purchasing your residential market property. Please consider contacting our office and making an appointment to discuss your needs with one of our residential agents. No obligations, just a friendly and professional chat.